Amara is a character who appears in the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. She is one of Princess Isabel's classmates.


Amara makes her debut appearance in "Crystal in the Rough". She first appears when Señorita Marisol introduces Princess Isabel to the class. Señorita Marisol has Isabel sit next to her and Quique before announcing the feild trip to the Crystal Caverns the next day. Isabel gains her respect when her smarts help her win Feed the Jaquin and she is sorry when Quique's insults send her home brokenhearted. They next day, Amara is confused yet amused when Isabel acts very similar to Quique. When Princess Elena arrives, Amara is delighted when Elena annouces that she's coming with them. In the Caverns, Quique finds an unexplored area and Amara and Isabel go with him. The trio have fun playing in it until an unstable crystal collapes under them and they get stuck on a lily pad. When Elena and Isabel shows up to free them, Amara and Isabel jump to her but Quique is too scared. Elena jumps to him but the stem keeping the lily pad in place snaps and they float away. Amara, with help from Isabel, saves them by using Isabel's googles as a slingshot. Isabel them makes Avalor Rubber which they put on their shoes to bounce to safety. Upon reuniting with the rest of the class, Señorita Marisol punishes them by sending them back to school to clean the schoolyard. Elena and Isabel help make it fun.

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