Bobo is a spirit monkey who appears in the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. He is a non-spirit guide chanul who hopes to become a spirit guide, but tends to give terrible advice to humans.

Role in the series

Bobo was kicked out of Spirit Guide school for poor judgement. He went to the Màzico stalks to steal one, but was caught by Cacahuate. Bobo used the Màzico to tie up Cacahuate and then took his stripes so he could not follow him. He went to Avalor to help humans where he met Elena and Mateo. Mateo wanted to meet his spirit guide so Bobo thought he could send him to the Spirit World to meet him. He used his Màzico to send Mateo away and left to help more humans. At the castle he went around giving people bad advice and ended up making trouble. To stop his hazardous activities, Zuzo and a few other spirit guides enter the castle to apprehend Bobo, leading to a chase around the castle.

Eventually, Zuzo and the spirit corner Bobo; at that moment, Elena, Mateo and Cacahuate return from the Spirit World, giving Bobo the opportunity to escape. However, Elena uses the Scepter of Light to catch Bobo with Chancellor Esteban in the library. She uses the scepter to blast Bobo with a blazing spell away from Esteban, causing him to release the Màzico back as the other Spirit Animals surround Bobo. Bobo realizes the trouble he's caused for the humans and admits that he is not cut out to be a spirit guide. However, Elena offers Bobo to become King of the Zanies, which Bobo eagerly accepts. Back in the Spirit World, Zuzo gets Bobo acquainted with the Zanies who accept Bobo as their king. Together, Bobo leads the Zanies through the Shadow Tunnels to meet the Shadow Spirits.

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