The Codex Maru is a magic book wielded by Mateo. It possesses powerful magic.

The Codex Maru was written by the people of Maru, an ancient civilization that vanished long before the Kingdom of Avalor was born. The Codex contains the most ancient and powerful magic ever known. It was by using the magic found in the Codex that the Amulet of Avalor and the Scepter of Light were both created. It was later discovered by the Avalorans in the Maruvian ruins Avalor was founded in. When the Kingdom of Avalor was born, it was given to Avalor's first Royal Sorcerer and was passed down to each new Royal Sorcerer ever since. In case you don't understand about the book. The book is like a magical dictionary. Or a Big spell book. Filed with the most ancient and magical magic in the kingdom.


  • The Codex was inspired by Mayan and Aztec Codices.
  • The Codex is an ancient Maruvian treasure created eons ago by a Maru civilization, similar to the Amulet of Avalor and The Scepter of Light.