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Lama, Hool, and Qapa are characters in the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. They are Sun Birds and friends of Quita Moz.



  • Lama: Lama is short-tempered, critical, and hard of hearing. She is also dismissive of those younger than her.
  • Hool: Hool is the passive and optimistic one of the three, although a chronic sleeper.
  • Qapa: Qapa is very gruff and bitter. Like Lama, he is dismissive of others, but he is helpful towards them regardless.

Physical appearences

  • Lama: Lama is a female magenta-colored Sunbird who's over five hundred years old. Her body is serpentine with yellow-feathered wings. Her crest and tail are yellow with red tips, inside of which are purple spots and a border similar to Quita Moz's. Her eyes are also cyan.
  • Hool: Hool is a female purple-colored Sunbird. She is the longest of the Sunbirds seen. Her feathers are all pink, though the crest and tail feathers have a gradient.
  • Qapa: Qapa is a male cyan-colored Sunbird. He has a stout serpentine body with orange-colored wings. Unlike the others, his crest feathers are square instead of pointed, and his neck feathers extend towards his crest, giving him the appearance of a neck frill. His crest and tail are orange with a blue rim and orange dot. He has brown eyes.

Role in the series

Lama, Hool, and Qapa make their debut appearance in "A Tale of Two Scepters". They help Quita Moz teach Elena how to use the Scepter of Light and unlock more of its power to combat Shuriki's Scepter of Night.

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