Marimonda is an evil mythical forest sprite who appeared in the special, Elena of Avalor: Realm of the Jaquins.

Role in the series

Marimonda appears in Realm of the Jaquins as the main antagonist. Long ago, she tried to destroy every city in Avalor and turn it into a massive forest, an act that led to endangering the humans. She was captured by the Sun Birds and imprisoned in Vallestrella inside a mountain to keep her from continuing her crusade. Centuries later, Victor Delgado and his daughter Carla Delgado free Marimonda to use her to take over Avalor. Inspired by her rescuers, Marimonda decides to return to Avalor to continue her mission. On her way, King Verago and his fellow Jaquins try to trap her in a crevice; at that moment, Elena arrives and unintentionally foils the plan. The diversion allows Marimonda to capture Migs so that she can open the portal to Avalor. As Marimonda travels to the portal, Elena and Skyler pursue the sprite. However, they are outwitted by Marimoda who traps the two in vines.

At the portal, Marimonda is lured to an illusion of a house cast by Elena intended to trap the sprite in a jar. However, Elena's spell is sabotaged by Victor and Carla who then escape with Marimonda through the portal. Finally back in Avalor, Marimonda proceeds to ensnare Avalor with deadly plants. As she heads towards the palace, the Jaquins, Gabe, Francisco and the palace guards try to hold her off, only for Marimonda to swat their efforts down and incapacitate them. When Marimonda arrives at the castle entrance, she finds that it was actually an illusion from Elena. To her shock, Marimonda sees that she has stepped inside the jar, causing her to be trapped once again while her vines over Avalor recede. Elena then delivers the jar to Quita Moz for safekeeping.

It was revealed that Marimonda was a diversion to keep Elena and her friends occupied while Victor and Carla took the red jewel that imprisoned her to Shuriki to regain her powers.


  • Marimonda was inspired by the Colombian myth, La Madremonte, also known as the Mother of the forest or Marimonda. Madremonte is usually regarded as protective of nature and the forest animals and unforgiving when humans enter their domains to alter or destroy them. She can be identified with Mother Nature and Mistress of the Animals.


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