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I am Elena, the rightful heir to the throne of Avalor!
~ Elena to the citizens of Avalor

Queen Elena Castillo Flores of Avalor is the titular protagonist of the Disney Channel animated series, Elena of Avalor. She is the queen and current ruler of Avalor, but before she became queen, she learned to rule as the crown princess until she came of age to be named queen and officially succeed her parents as Avalor's sovereign as their oldest daughter and heiress to the throne.


Elena was born to the late King Raul and Queen Lucia of Avalor as their firstborn child and heir to the throne. She resides within the kingdom's castle alongside her family, consisting of her younger sister and second Princess of Avalor Isabel, grandparents Francisco and Luisa, as well as her scheming maternal cousin, Esteban. She is additionally accompanied by a trio of comedic, flying Jaquins that double as her friends and mode of transportation around Avalor, as well as the wise spirit fox Zuzo, Alacazar's chanul, whom only she can see on her own free will, as a result of her magical abilities. She is also friends with Mateo, the grandson of Alacazar, the former Royal Wizard under her late parents, Gabe, her Captain and later General of the Royal Guard, and her friend and later Chancellor, Naomi Turner, who is part of her Grand Council with her grandparents and cousin.


Elena has the heart and mind of a true leader. She is devoted to the welfare of her subjects, her family, and her friends. She is shown to hold her father in high esteem and looks to him for inspiration. Like the Princess who freed her, Elena values keeping promises no matter what and has a strong dislike of disappointing her loved ones, to the point where she can take on more than she can handle and get overwhelmed as a result. Also, like Sofia, she has a personal approach to leadership and a disregard for her own personal safety. Unlike Sofia though, Elena is very confident, to the point where she can be careless. Also unlike Sofia, who is quite particular, Elena can rush into things and miss key points. Her grandfather Francisco noted this to her through the story of the king who thought he had lost his crown, a way of telling her she wasn't ready to rule alone. Elena is reluctant to take advice at the beginning, while Sofia can take too much advice. She's also shown to love Día de los Muertos (Spanish for "Day of the Dead") because she sees it as a party where everyone you love is invited, even those who have passed on to the afterlife and entered the Spirit World, such as her and Isabel's parents.

Physical Appearance

Elena is a beautiful olive-skinned girl with a slender figure and amber-brown eyes. She has ruby red lips and long, wavy, dark brown hair that is always tied in a ponytail during the day. At night, it is loose.

Her signature outfit is a long red sleeveless over-skirt dress stylized with matching coral gauze ruffle/flounces around the elastic neckline and on the side and bottom with an attached ivory coloured underskirt. Around her waist is a golden belt held in place with a golden buckle. She wears brown high heeled shoes with flowery patterns. Elena's jewellery includes a pair of golden engraved hoop earrings, a braided beaded bracelet on her left wrist, and a flower hair comb clip on the right side of her hair.

After falling into a well full of magical crystals in Takaina, Elena's dress is now enchanted, changing color based on her emotions, which also affects how her magic reacts when she is angry, nervous, happy, doubtful, forgiving, etc. She later learns how to control this magic so it does not run rampant on her and cause more problems than needed and helps to ensure she can complete problems that occur around Avalor or with her family through her new emotion-triggered magic. Her dress now has silver sparkling linings, and her earrings, bracelet, and flower clip are crystal.

She also usually wears an elegant, flowing, yet once again, ruffled flower motif red ball gown with a pink sash for more formal occasions. With this, she retains her usual ponytail, yet swaps out the flower hair combs for a tiara, and her hoop earrings for hanging jeweled earrings. She may have possibly retired this gown upon her coronation as Queen at the end of the series, or still wears it as formal attire alongside her Queen wardrobe and what she wore as Crown Princess should she have decided to keep all of it following her coronation and ascension to the Throne of Avalor.

Powers and Abilities

In her teenage years, Elena was given the Scepter of Light from her father, and the Amulet of Avalor from her mother. Both artifacts are ancient Maruvian treasures that possess powerful magic, handed down through the family for generations. The scepter can conjure spells through verbal order, while the amulet has a wide array of abilities that generally works to protect its bearer, such as the many gifts that were bestowed on Princess Sofia during her possession of it after receiving it from her stepfather King Roland II before freeing Elena and being allowed to keep the amulet after releasing Elena from it, which proved invaluable to Sofia when she dealt with Vor in her series finale "Forever Royal", saving Enchancia, the Ever Realm, and beyond from Vor's wrath.

As a result of being trapped within the Amulet for over forty years, Elena has garnered a few magical abilities of her own, as theorized by Zuzo at any rate. For one, as revealed in "First Day of Rule," she has the power to see and summon chanul spirits at all times, as opposed to only when a wizard summons one, as Mateo did in the special. This also carries over to non-magical entities, such as the spirits of deceased humans, though this ability is only possible on Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), allowing Elena to speak with her late parents, King Raul and Queen Lucia.

After falling into the Well of Crystals, her magical abilities are increased greatly. Her dress becomes enchanted, changing colors to represent her emotions at the time, as do her abilities with the Scepter of Light. Elena soon learns of how her new powers can run rampant if she feels angry, nervous, anxious, suffers self-doubt, or any other emotion before learning to control it properly, while also dealing with her cousin Esteban turning against her and becoming a villain after learning of his original allegiance to Shuriki during her original takeover that killed Raul and Lucia and imprisoned Elena in the amulet for forty-one years.

Elena is different from other princesses, she also has some non-magical abilities.


Elena and the Secret of Avalor

When Elena turned fifteen, her mother Queen Lucia gave her the Amulet of Avalor, a magical amulet that her parents hoped would always protect her from harm. One year later, Shuriki, an evil power-hungry sorceress from the Northern Isles, invaded Avalor and killed her parents just as they returned to the palace, with Elena bearing witness to the moment her parents were assassinated by Shuriki when she came out to welcome them home. Alacazar, Avalor's Royal Wizard, came up with a way to save the rest of her family. Because he needed time to cast it, Elena made the choice to face Shuriki on her own. When Shuriki tried to strike her down as she did Elena's parents, thus removing the only witness to her murder of the Avalor sovereigns so she could claim the throne unopposed, the Amulet saved Elena by pulling her inside it, trapping her within, to her despair. Alacazar recovered the Amulet while Shuriki was busy continuing her takeover and fled Avalor with it. When he became too old to continue his search for the princess who could free Elena, he transformed into a book in the Secret Library in Enchancia, titled "The Lost Princess of Avalor", with his remaining magic to wait for the princess who could do it. When the Amulet was given to Princess Sofia of Enchancia as a welcome gift by her new stepfather, King Roland II, Elena knew she was the one who would free her so she could take back Avalor from Shuriki.

Forty-one years after her imprisonment, Princess Sofia of Enchancia achieves enough of a state of oneness with the Amulet from her time spent wearing it and learning of its powers from the good deeds that she does and getting help from the Disney Princesses in her times of distress that Elena is finally able to make contact with her by triggering the Amulet's Secret Library Visions ability. This sends Sofia to the Secret Library of Enchancia where she learns of Elena's imprisonment from Alacazar when he manifests from the book he transformed into with the last of his waning magic. This makes Sofia set out to free Elena from the Amulet by convincing her family to travel to Avalor to open up trade relations between Avalor and Enchancia, while remembering Alacazar's warning to avoid Shuriki at all costs as she was still as dangerous as when she first conquered Avalor over forty years earlier. With a combination of Alacazar's grandson Mateo, the Jaquins, Shuriki's wand, and her powers, Sofia finally frees Elena from the Amulet. Elena takes Shuriki's wand and sets out to defeat Shuriki alone. Her attempt fails when she can't use the wand properly and she's forced to flee. Elena and Sofia team up and free their families. They then rally the citizens of Avalor, who march with them to the castle where they confront Shuriki. Her cousin Esteban grabs Shuriki's wand and tosses it to Elena. Knowing she can't use the wand, Elena destroys it. With the wand gone, Shuriki's powers are destroyed and she turns into an old woman who flees defeated. Elena then assumes the throne to the joy of all of Avalor.

Elena of Avalor

Season One

In "First Day of Rule", following her freedom from the amulet, Elena and her family resume their lives in Avalor, with Elena being particularly excited to finally be crowned Queen. However, Francisco informs her that her crowning will have to wait, as Esteban has discovered that Elena is too young to rule the kingdom as queen, per the kingdom's by-laws. Instead, Francisco explains that Elena will rule as Crown Princess alongside a Grand Council who will help her make decisions until she comes of age to become Queen. Elena strongly rebukes the idea, believing she's mentally capable of solely maintaining the kingdom and vows to prove herself by gathering the city leaders and working alongside them to restore Avalor's welfare, which had been damaged by Shuriki's purge. She was accompanied by Isabel, Estaban, and a new member of the Royal Guard, Gabe.

While out, Elena is informed of a mysterious series of thefts involving ships. Though Elena wants to spring into action, Esteban convinces her to instead focus on meeting the city leaders as intended, to which Elena agrees. Isabel and Gabe stay behind, where they uncover the mysterious ship thieves before being captured and kidnapped by them. A young girl named Naomi notices this and quickly informs Elena. Teaming up with Mateo and Naomi, Elena uncovers the whereabouts of the stolen ships, revealing the thieves to be mystical creatures known as Noblins. Elena and her friends battle the creatures, but this only heightens the danger and leads to senseless altercations. Zuzo appears and helps Elena realize that she's approaching matters far too hastily and recklessly, advising that she slows down and think before acting. Elena calms her nerves and approaches the Noblins diplomatically, learning they were imprisoned by Shuriki and forced to make gold for decades. After her defeat, they were freed and stole the ships to return home. Elena allows the Noblins to borrow the ships to sail home and journeys back to the castle for the Royal Ball.

She accepts that she is not ready to become Queen, and instead takes her grandfather's advice by assembling the Grand Council of Avalor consisting of her grandparents, Esteban, and Naomi. She is then dubbed "Crown Princess of Avalor".

In "Spellbound", Elena dubs Mateo the new Royal Sorcerer of Avalor in place of his presumed dead grandfather Alacazar, while simultaneously boosting his confidence by helping him defeat the roughish malvago sorcerer, Fiero, who was seeking revenge for being denied Alacazar's position as Royal Sorcerer under King Raul, using his dark magic to petrify Isabel, Francisco, Luisa, Rafa, Esteban, and everyone else in the the throne room, forcing Elena and Mateo to find the Codex Maru to brew the counter-spell to save everyone before they are permanently petrified at sunrise, aided by Naomi and Gabe with succeeding and saving everyone just in time.

In "The Scepter of Light", Elena finds a replacement for the Amulet of Avalor in the form of her father's scepter. After she accidentally blasts some of her furniture with it when she says the word "Blaze", Zuzo tells her that it is a magical object created by the Kingdom of Maru. When the evil moth fairy Orizaba invades Avalor, Mateo reveals that the scepter is indeed such an object: It's the Scepter of Light which gives its bearer the power to harness the Powers of Light at the cost of having their energy drained from using them. Upon realizing that the Scepter can defeat Orizaba, who draws her strength from darkness, with it, Elena proceeds to do so, especially after Orizaba threatens Isabel. However, the strain causes her to collapse, to Isabel's worry, but Elena assures her little sister she'll be alright before fainting, the last thing she sees before passing out being Isabel's relieved smile, waking up after sleeping for two days to recover her strength. She later reveals to her family that she has magical abilities now thanks to the time she spent inside the Amulet of Avalor before Sofia freed her.

In the special "Realm of the Jaquins", Elena is in attendance with Mateo as Skylar's little brother Nico is participating in the tests to become a Guardian of Avalor under Chief Zephyr that the chief arranged with Migs and Mateo's help. However, when on his way to complete the second task, Nico is secretly prevented from doing so by Victor Delgado, causing him to be unable to graduate into a full-fledged Guardian of Avalor. Hoping to help him, Elena travels with Luna to Vallestrella, the home of the Jaquins, to speak to King Verago, who is Skylar and Nico's father, but Verago is furious to see Elena and Mateo in Vallestrella as humans are prohibited from being in Vallestrella due to a previous incident.

However, it is soon learned that a forest sprite named Marimonda has been released from her imprisonment and attempting to leave Vallestrella to attack Avalor. Elena seeks out the sun bird spirit Quita Moz, who reveals a new ability of the Scepter of Light that Elena had not known about before, the power to create illusions. With that knowledge, and an enchanted jar provided by Quita Moz to imprison Marimonda permanently again, Elena heads to find her, only to end up ruining a trap set up by King Verago and Migs to catch Marimonda, resulting in Marimonda capturing Migs, while Verago is not pleased at Elena's interference. Elena tries to make amends as she uses the Scepter's new power to fool Marimonda right before she reaches the portal to Avalor, but just when it looks like she and Skylar have Marimonda right where they want her, Victor and his daughter, Carla, interfere, revealing themselves to be the real threats as they wanted revenge on Elena for defeating them previously when they tried to steal the Avalor Crown Jewels and she personally exiled them from Avalor.

Thanks to them, Marimonda opens the portal, and all three villains escape to Avalor. Elena and King Verago make amends and agree to work together to stop Marimonda once Skylar finally stands up to his father and tells him off for blaming Elena in allowing Marimonda being able to reach Avalor, returning to Avalor to enlist the aid of Chief Zephyr and the Jaquins there. While King Verago, Chief Zephyr, and the other Jaquins keep Marimonda distracted, especially Nico with his speed and agility, Elena is able to conjure a fake illusion of the front façade of the Royal Palace, so when Marimonda attempts to set foot on the stairs leading up to the front doors and believes she's won, Elena reveals that she instead set foot right in the enchanted jar, trapping Marimonda permanently once more, and undoing all her damage to Avalor. Afterwards, Elena tells her grandparents of the Delgados' part in Marimonda's attack, and orders the Captain of the Royal Guard to assemble a team of his best men to hunt them down and bring them to justice. With that, Elena returns to Vallestrella to return Marimonda to Quita Moz, but before she can leave, the sacred fire says something to Quita Moz, who then warns Elena of a great darkness that she will need to overcome in the future. If she fails, she will never be crowned Queen of Avalor. Unknown to Elena, that great darkness appears to be her old arch-enemy, Shuriki, allied with the Delgados, seeking revenge on Elena for overthrowing her, and promising to make the Delgados malvago wizards if they succeed.

Season Two

Elena has another run-in with Victor and Carla in the second season episode, "The Jewel Of Maru", as she's fearful of the test Quita Moz forewarned her about and worried she could fail it and lose her chance to become Queen. When Skylar and Luna warn her that Victor and Carla are heading for Tepet Muul, the abandoned capital of the Kingdom of Maru, she discovers the fabled Jewel of Maru itself, along with its guardian, Amaláy, who was the creator of the Scepter of Light itself. When Elena's attempts to stop Victor and Carla from escaping with the Jewel result in her trapping herself in debris, she is visited by the spirits of her late parents, King Raul and Queen Lucia, due to it also being Dia de los Muertos as well. After Elena explains her concerns to her parents, they encourage her to never give up, and do what she knows is best for Avalor. Thanks to their support, Elena escapes, and manages to stop Victor and Carla from escaping with the Jewel of Maru, which she takes back to seal away forever. She then returns to her parents' grave to let them know she'll see them again at next year's Dia de los Muertos celebration.

Following that, in "Royal Rivalry", Elena decides to step up the hunt for Victor and Carla by putting up wanted posters, asking the citizens of Avalor to aid the Royal Guards with finding them. However, concerned that they may escape across the border to the neighboring kingdom of Paraiso, Elena suggests at a Grand Council meeting to invite Princess Valentina of Paraiso to Avalor to sign a peace treaty between their kingdoms, after learning of a long-standing feud between Avalor and Paraiso. Everyone except for Esteban agree, but when Valentina arrives, she quickly gets on everyone's nerves with her boasting of things from Paraiso being better than Avalor's, save for Elena, who is able to endure it, until during a carriage ride to the Twin Xolos, where Valentina's boasting finally pushes Elena too far, and results in where Valentina accidentally brings the Twin Xolos statues to life. When Elena confronts her about it afterwards, Valentina confesses to being jealous of Avalor, thinking they had better stuff than Paraiso. As a result, guilty of letting their pride get the better of them, Elena and Valentina make amends and are able to return the Twin Xolos back to their inanimate forms. Afterwards, they sign the treaty, and step up the guard patrols at the border, preventing the Delgados and Shuriki from crossing over into Paraiso. Elena then gives Valentina some Avalor chocolate to take home with her.

In "The Curse of El Guapo", the current Captain of the Royal Guard is retiring, and Elena is deciding who should take his place by holding tryouts for some of the best guards there, including Gabe. However, Gabe is soon possessed by the spirit of General El Guapo via his cursed sword, in an attempt for El Guapo to help Gabe become the new Captain, but Elena is suspicious of Gabe's behaviour when he did the complete opposite of what a true Captain of the Royal Guard should do when he made Rico crash during the race and refused to go back to help him. It is not until later that Gabe reveals El Guapo's interference and learns from her that it is the man who makes the soldier, not the weapon. With Elena's help, Gabe is able to separate himself from the sword and take a potion that Mateo brewed up to break the curse for good. Afterwards, Gabe finishes the tests, and helps Rico after he fell and broke his leg, and as a result of this, Elena names Gabe the new Captain of the Royal Guard with Rico's encouragement. Gabe thanks Elena for reminding him it is the soldier who makes the sword, not the other way around.

In "Three Jaquins and a Princess", Elena is one of the judges for the Avalor Bake-Off, but when Isabel causes trouble in the kitchen with her new invention that upsets Esteban, Elena goes to comfort Isabel in her room, before they are introduced to Migs' new mate, Dulce, who soon lays three eggs that will hatch into her and Migs' new children. After Dulce and Migs leave to find Anoki Berries for their babies, Isabel volunteers to watch them until Migs and Dulce return. Elena advises her to come get her if she needs help, before leaving Isabel with the Jaquin babies. Elena finds Isabel in the kitchen later on, not knowing that Isabel was there catching one of the babies after it got out of her room to find food, and Isabel has to lie to convince Elena that everything is fine. However, when the babies ruin the Bake-Off, especially since one of them drank Mateo's Enlarging Potion, making it huge, Elena is disappointed and angry with Isabel for failing to come get her for help with the cubs, and reminds her that she is still a kid and can't handle such big responsibilities like watching the babies on her own just yet. Isabel apologizes, and with the help of Mateo, Skylar, and Luna, Elena finally reigns in the babies by the time Migs and Dulce return. The Bake-Off continues, and afterwards, Elena allows Isabel to go play with Migs and Dulce's children, now named Mingo, Zoom, and Estrella.

Some time later, in "A Spy in the Palace", Elena is preparing for the Jaquin Festival, in which Migs, Luna, and Skylar will be performing some aerial tricks for the celebration, while King Verago, Chief Zephyr, and other Jaquins will be in attendance. Elena assigns Naomi to help with the preparations. Unknown to Elena, a new guest named "Rita Perez", who says she's a cousin of Armando, arrives to help, but "Rita" is actually Carla Delgado in disguise thanks to a Shape-shifting Potion she drank that was brewed up by Shuriki in an attempt to get at Queen Lucia's Carnaval Tiara, which Victor and Carla had tried and failed to steal previously, as Shuriki could use the jewel in it to craft a new wand for herself. Carla sabotages Naomi's preparations, and steals her ideas to present as her own, angering Naomi and causing her to start to have a falling out with Elena, to the point Naomi resigns as the festival planner in a fit of anger, allowing Carla to take over, much to Elena's gratitude. However, Elena is happy when Naomi returns later and apologizes for her earlier outburst and anger, and Elena assures her that she's her best friend and no one could replace her. Once the festival gets underway, Elena decides to put the Golden Jaquin statue at the port as Naomi originally suggested, before "Rita" says that they make a great team, which Elena agrees to, still unaware that "Rita" is really one of her enemies in disguise, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Elena is practicing her training with the Scepter of Light in "Science Unfair" when a stray shot wrecks the fountain when she's startled by Isabel returning home from school. Elena later brings Isabel's classmates to see her and help her out with her project for the Avalor Science Fair, managing to keep Quinze from running off when he tries to slip away. Elena later shows Isabel a large empty room in the palace to work on her project with her friends, only to find later that her classmates are leaving, disgusted and upset with Isabel. Deciding to speak to her little sister on the matter, Elena reveals to her how she was once in Isabel's shoes when she became Crown Princess, believing she did not need a Grand Council to help her, but soon learned how valuable friends are when you need them. Through song, Elena convinces Isabel to apologize to her friends and ask for their help again. With their support, Isabel finishes her project, and after presenting it to Professor Ochoa, Isabel wins the science fair. Elena is very proud of Isabel over her accomplishment.

Later on, in "Rise of the Sorceress", Elena is preparing for the Sunflower Festival as she rehearses a dance that she and Isabel had not done since their parents were murdered by Shuriki, and were going to perform it once more with Luisa at the festival, joined by Isabel's classmate Christina, who will try to keep up with them in her wheelchair. However, noticing Rita acting strangely due to her hair changing color, and never showing up to help with some of the preparations, Naomi voices her concern to Elena about having a gut feeling about Rita, but Elena tells her she needs more proof than a gut feeling before Elena can investigate further. During when her family is doing their dance for the celebration, the first time since Elena and Isabel's parents were cut down by Shuriki, just after they finish, Naomi arrives and tells Elena that her concerns about Rita have proof that she is up to something and needs her to come with her to show she is right this time. When Naomi brings Elena back into the palace to show her, they arrive just as Shuriki, the Delgados, and Fiero are taking their leave following attacking Mateo in Alacazar's old lab to try and get the Codex Maru from him, causing Elena to find herself face-to-face once more with her sworn arch-enemy that murdered King Raul and Queen Lucia, leaving her horrified to see Shuriki again as she remembers the fateful moment when Shuriki cast her spell that slain Raul and Lucia, along with their Royal Guards and horses. Seizing the moment, Shuriki tries to strike Elena down once more, and Naomi does her best to protect Elena from the attacks, but as Shuriki goes for the kill, taunting Elena that she no longer has the Amulet of Avalor to protect her like before, Mateo is able to arm Elena with the Scepter of Light, which Elena uses to destroy Shuriki's new wand, forcing her, Fiero, and the Delgados to retreat. Elena gives pursuit with Naomi, Gabe, and Mateo on Canela and the other horses, but losing sight and the trail of the four villains, Elena agrees to have Gabe and the Royal Guards assembled to hunt them down. As they return to Avalor, Elena apologizes to Naomi for doubting her, and now realizes what her test forewarned of by Quita Moz is: To defeat Shuriki, once and for all. If she fails, she will never be Queen of Avalor, and Shuriki will be able to take over again with the support of Fiero and the Delgados by her side.

In "Shapeshifters", with Shuriki's return now public knowledge to all of Avalor, Elena finds herself under heavy guard by Gabe and his men until Shuriki can be brought to justice. During a meeting with her Grand Council, Esteban, as Chancellor, calls a vote that has Elena confined to the castle until further notice, as both Naomi and her grandparents don't want anything to happen to her as Avalor can't risk losing the Crown Princess after losing the King and Queen. However, for Elena, this is both personal and about revenge. Shuriki murdered King Raul and Queen Lucia, and Elena wants payback, realizing her parents' spirits won't be able to rest peacefully in the afterlife until their assassin pays for her crimes against Elena and Avalor. As she sulks on the balcony regarding being confined to the palace, she's visited by Migs and his cubs, who share their own little Guardian Salute with Elena due to how once they are older, they will become Guardians of Avalor like Migs, Luna, Skylar, Chief Zephyr, and the other Jaquins. Visiting Mateo in his workshop later on, Elena learns that he's recently finished work on his Shape-shifting Potion to turn one into a Jaquin. After testing it on himself, Elena tries it and loves her new Jaquin form. Realizing she can use it to sneak out of the palace, she ends up running into Gabe, who is easily fooled by Elena's Jaquin form until Mateo returns her to her human self. Though Gabe has his orders to keep Elena in the castle under guard, he agrees to go with her and Mateo in Jaquin form to Luna's birthday party. Once there, Elena distracts Gabe while she speaks to Chief Zephyr about joining the Jaquin scouts with looking for Shuriki, but Zephyr refuses, before taking his leave with his successor, Cruz. Elena and Mateo follow Zephyr and Cruz to Commander's Rock, a cave that Alacazar had made some time before he fled Avalor when Shuriki originally took over, but finding it to not be of much interest, Elena returns to Luna's party in disappointment with Mateo. Neither witness when Zephyr rescinds naming Cruz his successor, causing an angry Cruz to seal Zephyr in the cave. Elena and Mateo return to tell Gabe what they discovered, but when Cruz arrives and Luna, Migs, and Skylar ask about Zephyr and where he is, Cruz lies and blames Elena, Mateo, and Gabe for his disappearance. Since Cruz is their friend, Luna, Migs, and Skylar fall for his deceit, and have Elena, Mateo, and Gabe captured and incarcerated. However, when Elena proves to Mingo, Zoom, and Estrella it's her with their secret Guardian Salute, the cubs let them out, and they fly back to Commander's Rock to free Zephyr as Cruz gives pursuit with Migs, Luna, and Skylar. Gabe stalls them while Elena is able to remember the spell to open the cave just in time before being tackled by Cruz. Once free, Zephyr lunges at Cruz in fury, snarling "TRAITOR!!" loud enough for Migs, Luna, and Skylar to overhear and realize they have been deceived. Cruz attempts to escape, but Elena manages to get ahead of him and tackle him out of the sky, allowing Zephyr to pin him long enough for Mateo, Gabe, Migs, Luna, Skylar, and the other Jaquins to arrive and place Cruz under arrest, growling in anger at Cruz' lies and deception. After Cruz is locked up, warning them that he won't stay locked up once his sister learns of this, Zephyr thanks Elena for her help, but suggests that she leave things to real Jaquins rather than try to do them herself as one. Back at the castle, once back to their human selves, though Gabe is frustrated with Elena for disobeying the order of her own Grand Council, he lets her off with a warning with the threat of reporting in next time she does it. Soon after, the Scepter of Light reveals some hidden writing in the Codex Maru among the blank pages that Fiero stole several of previously, along with writing all over Mateo's lab, revealing the dark counterpart to the Scepter of Light, the Scepter of Night, and how Alacazar broke the scepter into pieces and hid them away, with riddles that need to be solved to find the pieces. Knowing that Shuriki, Fiero, and the Delgados are going to be hunting for the pieces of the Scepter of Night so Shuriki has something more powerful to even the playing field with the Scepter of Light, Elena makes it her, Mateo, and Gabe's intent to find the pieces before Shuriki does.

Following up in "The Scepter of Night", Elena has Naomi join her, Mateo, and Gabe, as they decipher the first riddle Alacazar left behind that leads to the first piece of the Scepter of Night, the staff, realizing it is in the abandoned capital of Tepet Muul. Riding there on Migs, Luna, Skylar, and Dulce, Mateo breaks off from the group to find the first piece himself, believing that doing so will make him as powerful as his grandfather. However, he entered the wrong pyramid, and after rejoining the group and being reprimanded, they spot the right one, only to run into Shuriki and her crew at the summit. To try and lure Elena away from the pyramid and the first piece of the Scepter of Night, Fiero creates a distraction to make it look like Shuriki's crew have escaped in her carriage, when it was only Carla and Shuriki escaping in it while Victor and Fiero followed Elena and Mateo into the pyramid and to the hidden location of the first piece, also learning of the riddle to the second piece as well. Mateo blames himself for leading them right to it, but after apologizing to Elena, they are able to work together with Gabe, Naomi, and the Jaquins to keep the first piece of the Scepter of Night out of Shuriki's hands for the time being, with Elena gaining possession of it herself before an attempt to attack Fiero and Victor fails when Fiero provides a smokescreen from one of his spells to allow him and Victor to escape. After Mateo apologizes to the others for letting pride get the better of him and nearly let the first piece of the Scepter of Night fall into Shuriki's hands, the eight friends gather together to figure out where the second piece is located since they know Shuriki will be heading there as well as both groups know about the second riddle, and it is up to Elena and her friends to get there before Shuriki does.

As Elena and her friends discuss where the Mount for the Scepter of Night is in the follow-up episode, "The Race for the Realm", Elena has a flashback of when she was cleaning up Isabel before hearing their parents returning to the palace, going out to welcome them home, only to bear witness as Shuriki appeared and prepared to strike them down. She recovers afterwards to where they learn the Mount is in Vallaestrella. An argument between Gabe, Naomi, and Mateo results in Elena having Mateo and Gabe take the Scepter of Night's Staff piece back to the palace to lock up in the Royal Treasury, flying off on Dulce and Migs, while Elena and Naomi go to Vallestrella with Skylar and Luna to find the Mount. However, once there, Elena has another flashback, before they encounter the Flaringoes, who help Elena calm down from her fear, before leading her to where the Mount is. After convincing a Butterfrog into retrieving the Mount for them, Elena and Naomi learn from Skylar and Luna that the Jewel for the Scepter of Night lies on Vallestrella's highest mountain peak, and set off for it. They find the Jewel is concealed inside the rock face, but before they can try to get it out, Shuriki and Fiero arrive on Cruz and his sister Vestia. Seeing Shuriki triggers another flashback for Elena of the moment King Raul and Queen Lucia were struck down, and fueled with vengeance on her mind, Elena forgets about the Scepter of Night's Jewel to pursue Shuriki, leaving Naomi to fend for herself with Luna against Fiero and Vestia. Elena attempts to hit Shuriki and Cruz with the Scepter of Light, but Cruz is able to evade all the shots, resulting in Elena exhausting herself and falling off Skylar from fatigue. By the time they return to the mountain to save Naomi as she had fallen off the summit after being bested by Fiero, they find that Fiero and Shuriki have both the Mount and the Jewel, and Mateo, Gabe, Migs, and Dulce return to report that the Delgados caught them en route to the palace and retrieved the Staff, meaning Shuriki has all three pieces of the Scepter of Night now. As Elena mourns over the situation having become very bleak, Quita Moz arrives, having learned of what happened through the sacred fire, and tells Elena that in order for her to defeat Shuriki, she must learn all that she can with the Scepter of Light and its powers, offering to teach her them himself. Knowing that is her best option, Elena climbs aboard Quita Moz, and sets off to begin her training for the inevitable confrontation with her parents' murderer and her allies.

Some time later, in "A Tale of Two Scepters", Elena is about to leave to continue her training with Quita Moz and the Sun Bird Elders, but Isabel is deeply worried for her well-being, especially with Shuriki still out there. To that end, Isabel gives Elena her bracelet for good luck, and Elena departs for Vallaestrella with Skylar. Once there, they meet up with Quita Moz, and with Skylar joining them, Elena is flown by Quita Moz to the location of where the other Sun Bird Elders were located to begin her training with the Scepter of Light, while also being given details of the mutual conflict that has been long-standing between the Scepters of Light and Night, and how only one will survive the war between them. Elena begins her training, learning the Scepter's power of Farsight, along with how to maintain her Blaze spell through focus and concentration, but upon seeing Shuriki on the move with Cruz through Farsight, she abandons her training to return to Avalor to confront Shuriki again. At the same time, Shuriki had been trained in the use of the Scepter of Night's powerful Dark Fire spell, and upon being chased back to Avalor's Royal Palace, she uses the Dark Fire to engulf the tower Isabel was in, forcing Elena to save her little sister while Shuriki and Cruz escape. With Gabe unable to enter the tower, and Isabel completely unaware that she's in danger, Elena is reminded of the Blaze spell, and with Skylar and Zuzo's encouragement and reminder to maintain her focus and concentration, she is able to put out Shuriki's Dark Fire and save Isabel, very much impressing Gabe. After Isabel and Elena reunite, Elena shows Isabel the Farsight spell, and sees Shuriki and Fiero fleeing into the jungle on Cruz and Vestia. With knowing where they are going now, Elena decides to return to Vallaestrella to continue her training, with Isabel offering her full support and faith that Elena will complete her training and defeat Shuriki for good. With that, Isabel sees Elena off as she leaves on Skylar to return to her training with Quita Moz and the other Sun Birds.

Later on, in "Class Act", worried about Isabel starting her first weekly class with Professor Ochoa at the Science Academy, Elena escorts Isabel there to be shown around the Academy so she knows where Isabel will be while she attends, after having an earlier idea to send a detachment of Royal Guards with her is shot down by Luisa, only to soon run afoul of Javier, a student who likes to boast about himself, and quickly gets on the bad side of Elena and Isabel with his insults. When Javier manages to sabotage Isabel's Mount Diablo Observatory project, causing Isabel to leave the Academy in shame, thinking she's not ready for it, Elena is able to encourage her little sister to come back and try again, where Isabel succeeds, and Javier ends up exposing himself as the one who ruined the original project, angering Elena, Isabel, Isabel's partner Tomiko, and Professor Ochoa, who suspends Javier until further notice, while Elena knows Isabel will be fine now at the Academy.

Elena later is preparing for the All Kingdoms Fair, which had not taken place for some years, and even commends Armando with how well he has performed as Chief of the Castle, especially after she reclaimed the throne. However, when Armando's brother and mother arrive to try and sell their dairy products, Armando's brother teases Armando, causing him to lose his temper and wreck things, to the point where he decides to return to the family farm in shame. Elena travels there and is able to convince Armando to come back, renewing his self-confidence, and things go much better, especially as Armando's mother sells a lot of her product, and Armando's brother apologizes for his earlier insults towards Armando.

In the one hour special, "Song of the Sirenas", Elena is taking her family, alongside Gabe, Mateo, Naomi and her parents, to Nueva Vista to see their summer palace and visit her distant cousin, Duke Cristóbal. She has also been practicing the Scepter of Light's powers as she attempts to use its Vanish spell, but only succeeds in making herself below her shoulders vanish. En route, Naomi's mother spots Sirenas in the water, those being the crown prince and princess of the Sirenas, Prince Marzel and Princess Marisa. When Naomi's parents open fire on them with their crossbows, Elena uses the Scepter of Light to destroy one of the crossbows, seeing their attack as unprovoked since the Sirenas had not shown any hostile intent, even after being told that Sirenas were known to crash ships by entrancing the sailors with their songs. When Elena arrives in Nueva Vista, the Duke welcomes her and the rest of her family with open arms, before learning of their encounter with the Sirenas, and revealing that his father, Elena's late uncle, was the victim of one of their shipwrecks. Elena then learns that the Duke will be hosting a huge parade and celebration for her defeat of Shuriki, even when she reveals that Shuriki is still alive. However, Migs, Luna, and Skylar report to Elena that Shuriki and Fiero are on their way to Nueva Vista on Cruz and Vestia, so now Elena has to be protected from Shuriki, no matter what, especially when out in the open during the parade. Later, Elena is entranced by Princess Marisa and brought down to where she could formally meet Marisa and her brother, Marzel. When Elena learns that they want to establish a new friendship between Sirenas and humans, or at least, Marisa does, Elena tries to help by bringing the Duke down to meet them, only to be in shock when the Duke has his royal guards attempt to capture Marzel and Marisa. This leaves Elena unable to sleep that night because of what happened.

The next day, as Elena prepares for the parade, Mateo, Naomi, Gabe, and the Jaquins ride on the float Elena will be on, only to be lured away when they spot the Delgados in the audience. Now alone, Elena is confused when the gondoliers driving the float turn it into a side channel, then run away, before Elena finds herself face-to-face with Shuriki and Fiero. Elena tries to fight back with the Scepter of Light against Shuriki and the Scepter of Night, but when she tries to slip away via turning herself invisible with Vanish, the necklace she was given by the Duke is still exposed, allowing Shuriki to disorient Elena, before blasting her into the water, leaving her to drown in a watery grave.

However, Marisa is able to save Elena by wrapping a magical seaweed around her torso. It was revealed that this seaweed could turn a human being into a Sirena, like how their father, King Pescoro, saved their mother, Queen Camila, but Marisa does it in a way to avoid turning Elena into one herself, but allow her to breathe underwater, saving her life. Afterwards, Elena goes with Marisa and Marzel to the Sirena Royal Castle to speak to Pescoro and Camila about brokering peace between humans and Sirenas and getting Pescoro's help against Shuriki, but Pescoro reveals that he and Camila nearly lost Marisa when she was younger to a pair of fishermen, and as a result, Pescoro still bears a heavy concern about trusting humans. Despite their best attempts, Elena and Marisa are unable to sway Pescoro's mind, and return to Nueva Vista, only to find the Duke waiting with Elena's Scepter of Light, and revealing his true colors to be allied with Shuriki, wanting revenge against Elena for cutting off his gold supply by overthrowing Shuriki previously, and prevents Elena from reclaiming her Scepter by tossing it into the waterway, not realizing it was retrieved by Marzel when he found it underwater. He has Elena and Marisa locked up with the rest of the Royal Family, but Naomi, Gabe, and Mateo are able to bust them all out. With Nueva Vista no longer safe, Elena and her family attempt to escape on their ship, only to be pursued by Shuriki, the Duke, the Delgados, Fiero, Cruz, and Vestia. With their ship soon damaged and unable to make any headway after losing one of their mainmasts, Elena decides to confront Shuriki, as it is her the sorceress is after. Luckily, Marzel had seen Marisa get captured by the Duke, and told Pescoro, who arrives with the Sirenas to stop Shuriki and help Elena, entrancing the Duke's helmsman so he crashes the Duke's ship into the sea wall of his palace. While Elena faces Shuriki one-on-one, Scepter-to-Scepter, with Elena on Skylar and Shuriki on Cruz, Fiero, Vestia, and the Delgados face Gabe, Naomi, and Mateo, resulting in Vestia being frozen solid by a spell, Mateo managing to turn Fiero to stone again, and the Delgados slipping away in the confusion.

Meanwhile, Shuriki manages to disorient Skylar, causing him to crash, but Elena wounds Cruz, causing him to throw in the towel and bug out. As Shuriki soon has Elena trapped at the top of a tower with no way out, she manages to hit the Scepter of Light with her Dark Fire spell, which manages to disable it, so Elena could not cast any spells. With it looking like she'll finally end Elena's life before taking out the rest of her family and claiming the Avalor throne once more, Shuriki sadistically tells Elena goodbye, and fires. For a moment, Elena's final plea to the Scepter of Light to cast its Vanish spell failed, and she was killed, but then it is revealed that the Scepter of Light was able to overcome Shuriki's Dark Fire that disabled it and cast the spell just in time, saving Elena's life. Elena reappears behind Shuriki after whispering that she missed, and before Shuriki can retaliate, Elena hits her point-blank with Blaze, seemingly killing her parents' murderer once and for all, as all that is left of the Scepter of Night is the Jewel, which Cruz is able to fly off with, as Elena is too fatigued to be able to try and stop him, being comforted by Skylar as she realizes it is finally over. Her parents' deaths have finally been avenged.

Shortly afterwards, she reunites with Isabel, Esteban, Francisco, and Luisa, and when the Duke is brought before her, angered by his betrayal of his family and Avalor, Elena has the Duke incarcerated for his treason. Afterwards, she meets with King Pescoro and his family, and declares a newfound friendship and alliance between humans and Sirenas, as Elena could not have defeated Shuriki without the Sirenas' assistance.

Later on, in "The Tides of Change", she plans to sign a treaty with King Pescoro to confirm the new alliance between them, but Pescoro's Captain of the Guard, Daria, believes it should not happen, and hires the dangerous malandros to disrupt the ceremony. Naomi is also against it as well. It is only later, after the ceremony is ruined by the malandros, that as Elena returns to Nueva Vista, Marisa jumps onto her ship to warn her that her family has been taken prisoner by the malandros. Elena is ready to help, but when Naomi still shows anger and resentment towards Marisa, Elena demands a reason for it, and Naomi explains that the Sirenas sunk the ship her grandfather was on, hence her hostility towards them. Though Elena reminds her that the Sirenas did help them defeat Shuriki, Naomi still refuses to help them. However, Gabe and Mateo agree to assist Elena, and they set off to help.

After rescuing Daria, and learning of her part in what happened with the ceremony, and how apologetic she is now with having trusted the malandros, only for them to betray her for their own gain, Elena forgives her, and then sets about helping to regrow the coral alarms that can repulse them, using the Bloom spell from the Scepter of Light to speed up their growth. Though the lead malandros, Saloso, is able to stop and disarm her of the Scepter of Light and capture her, he is too late, as Elena succeeded with restoring the coral alarms, and their sound is too much for Saloso and the other malandros to endure, forcing them to retreat in defeat, swearing they will be back.

With Elena saving Coronado and Pescoro from Saloso and his malandros, the treaty signing is tried again, and Naomi finally agrees to put her grudge against them behind her and give them a chance. With that, Elena and Pescoro sign the treaty, and a new alliance and friendship is created.

Afterwards, Elena and her family celebrate their first Dia de los Muertos in Nueva Vista, introducing the holiday to Prince Marzel, and learning of Francisco wanting to honor two of his friends who had drowned at sea due to his own fault, and not being victims of the Sirenas before they sought peace. Elena helps her grandfather complete the quest he and his friends set out on, retrieving a shield he had long to find, and dealing with an enemy that wanted it first. Thanks to Elena's help, Francisco completes his quest, attains the shield, and he dubs Elena "La Magica" and a member of his old group.

Later on, in "Finding Zuzo", as she continues her stay in Nueva Vista, Elena gets into a heated argument with Naomi about the Nueva Vista Harbor Lighthouse, which King Raul personally built when Elena was younger. Elena wants to make it taller, but Naomi argues that the island it sits on would not handle the added weight. Naomi suggests dismantling it, but Elena is strictly against it because it meant so much to King Raul. Unable to compromise with Naomi, Elena storms off in a huff, and accidentally takes her anger out on Gabe before calming down and agreeing to have him send out search parties to find the Delgados. When she mentions the lighthouse, Gabe seems to take Naomi's side, causing Elena to storm off again in anger. She attempts to speak to Zuzo, but he has to return to the Spirit World for an emergency. When he does not return, Elena meets with Mateo, who summons the sloth chanul, Cacahuate, who agrees to take Elena to the Spirit World to find Zuzo. Discovering his home a mess, full of moth cocoons, Elena learns from the other animal spirits that Zuzo had to have been kidnapped by Orizaba, seeking revenge on her and Zuzo for her defeat when she tried to take over Avalor with the Eye of Midnight. Wanting to rescue Zuzo, Elena heads for Orizaba's lair on the dark side of the tree, but upon being warned that unless she knows the way, the bad spirits will attack her, she and Cacahuate go to speak to Bobo, despite Cacahuate's hatred of Bobo for his previous actions against the other spirit animals. Once Elena explains everything to Bobo and how he will be a hero if he helps save Zuzo, they head for Orizaba's lair. On the way, unable to contend with Bobo and Cacahuate's arguing, Elena tries to mediate peace between them. When they reach Orizaba's, they see Zuzo in danger, but when Bobo and Cacahuate are unable to agree to a plan to save him, they unintentionally reveal Elena's presence to Orizaba, allowing her to capture Elena and dangle her over the portal she intended to send only Zuzo through. With both Elena and her chanul in danger, accepting it was their fault for what happened because of their fighting, Cacahuate and Bobo compromise and work together to save Elena and Zuzo, knocking Orizaba into the portal instead. Afterwards, with Elena and Zuzo safe, Cacahuate and Bobo make amends with each other, and Zuzo takes Elena back to Nueva Vista. Once back, Elena meets up with Naomi again, with both apologizing for their earlier argument, and agree to have the lighthouse dismantled and rebuilt much taller on a larger cliff nearby its original spot so the ships further out in the harbor will be able to see it better.

In "Snow Place Like Home", Elena and her family are celebrating Navidad back in Avalor City, which Elena is happy to celebrate after what she's been through the past year regarding Shuriki. However, after Isabel and their grandparents leave to deliver gifts to Christina, a blizzard conjured by Victor to lose Gabe, his Royal Guards, and the Jaquins they are riding on, spreads over Avalor and reaches the castle, leaving Esteban worried for his cousin and grandparents. Same for Naomi and Mateo as they had been visiting when the blizzard hit, and fret getting home to Rafa and the Turners. However, Elena tries to cheer them up with a treasure hunt, but after finding Dulce, Elena then tries having them help decorate the Parlor. Afterwards, Luna stops by to drop off some fruit for Elena, and gets stranded herself by the blizzard. Mateo's attempts to end it only cause it to become stronger as he got the incantation wrong. Elena then attempts to help with having everyone aid her in making tamales, but when things go wrong, and blame is then put on Elena, she storms off heartbroken at all her efforts to cheer them up being in vain.

Realizing their error, Esteban, Mateo, Naomi, and Luna attempt to make it up to her, and lure her back to the kitchen through a treasure hunt to reveal them making tamales together with no bickering. Mateo realizes where he messed up the incantation and tries again, this time getting it right and dispelling the blizzard. Naomi and Mateo invite Rafa and Naomi's parents to celebrate Navidad at the palace with Elena and her family when Isabel, Francisco, and Luisa return from Christina's, and they enjoy the holiday together.

Elena is later back in Nueva Vista for a summit with the other kings in the Ever Realm in "Two Left Fins", where she and Prince Marzel suggest having King Pescoro attend the summit as representative of Coronado to help prove to the other kings that the Sirenas are allies now and no longer have reason to be feared for their past behavior in sinking ships. However, after rescuing Pescoro from having his tail pinned inside a shipwreck, his tail is injured and he is unable to attend as he returns to the Palace of Coronado to be tended to by Marisa. However, on Elena's suggestion, Pescoro agrees to send Marzel in his place with the hope he will make Pescoro and all of Coronado proud. However, once the other kings arrive, Marzel acts very unlike himself, concerning Elena, especially during activities that the other kings enjoy a lot. In an attempt to help out, Elena suggests having the kings come with her and Marzel to Coronado to meet Pescoro. However, in an attempt to prove himself, Marzel takes the kings through the Maligras Garden full of the magical seaweed that allows them to breathe underwater, despite Coco saying the garden was forbidden. As a result, the kings get their legs wrapped in the seaweed, causing them to turn into Sirenas as a result. When Marzel reveals this to Pescoro and Marisa, Pescoro is deeply upset with Marzel for his blunder. However, Marisa reveals that there is a way to reverse the transformation before it becomes irreversible, but it is on an island very far from Coronado. Wanting to make amends for his mistakes, Marzel is able to get Elena and everyone to the island, but when Elena sprains her ankle trying to climb the cliff to reach the flowers necessary to reverse the transformation, Marzel has to heroically climb up to retrieve the flowers and get them back to the kings in time for them to eat them and undo their transformations into Sirenas before it is permanent. Marzel succeeds in time, and back with Pescoro and Marisa, amends are made between the kings, and Marzel is allowed a second chance to play with the kings and Elena on land, even if he still is not used to his land legs yet.

In "Movin' On Up", Elena decides to grant Mateo his own Royal Wizard quarters in the Royal Palace. However, this causes Rafa to believe she is invited as well, and quickly makes herself at home, causing all sorts of problems for Mateo and Elena, along with Elena's family. When a Kupi-Kupi is unintentionally released from the Codex Maru, Elena aids Mateo in trying to prevent it from escaping the palace and get into Avalor City, but at one point, when she catches it, it manages to look right into her eyes and cast its spell on her that causes her to run backwards. Luckily, after managing to get Rafa to stop helping and allow him to handle things himself, Mateo is able to imprison the Kupi-Kupi in the Codex Maru again, releasing Elena, along with Armando and Esteban, from its spell. Afterwards, Rafa realizes her mistake in seeing that Mateo no longer needs her help as he's grown up now and can handle things on his own, and after Mateo makes a duplicate of a photograph of himself and Rafa when he was younger for Rafa to keep, she departs to return home on better terms with Elena and Mateo. Elena later asks Mateo how he feels about being on his own now without Rafa overburdening him, and Mateo admits that it feels pretty good, but knows that Rafa will always be his mother and he still loves her deeply.

Later, in "Not Without My Magic", Elena has discovered that her Scepter of Light has been having difficulty casting spells ever since it was damaged by Shuriki's Dark Fire attack from the Scepter of Night. Worried, she decides to take it to Quita Moz in Vallaestrella for repairs. At the same time, Vestia and Cruz are in Vallaestrella, still on the run for their treason when they allied with Shuriki, Fiero, and the Delgados, and upon spotting Elena and Skylar, follow them to Quita Moz's lair, where they bear witness as Elena entrusts the Scepter of Light to Quita Moz to take to the other Sun Birds to be mended so she can use it again, while she leaves with Skylar armed with a crystal tamberitia as a temporary replacement, with a warning that she needs to get training from Mateo to use it properly. However, when she and Skylar reach the portal, they are meet by Skylar's father, King Verago, and soon notice the jungle on fire. After Elena uses some quick thinking to have the Jaquins use large lily pads as water carriers to put out the flames, she encounters Cruz and Vestia, who reveal that the fires were started by a fire imp that they had released in the hopes of capturing it to get back in the good graces of Verago and Elena. Verago has them arrested and taken back to his palace to await punishment, while Elena goes after the fire imp. Unfortunately, despite Skylar's warnings and what Quita Moz said, Elena attempts to subdue the fire imp with her crystal tamberitia, but is unable to cast the spells correctly. When Skylar reprimands her for it, Elena realizes that she has come to rely on the Scepter of Light and magic too often to protect Avalor and it has become a liability for her. Through song, Skylar convinces her she does not need to rely on magic all the time and can use other means to accomplish her duties with defending Avalor. Soon, they return to find the fire imp has reached the Jaquin Royal Palace, and upon finding Verago, Cruz and Vestia reveal that the fire imp is looking for someone. Verago realizes it is the sorceress that the Jaquins banished long ago, and Elena realizes that they can use this to their advantage. When Cruz and Vestia offer to help to prove they are sorry for their actions under Shuriki, Verago releases them to help, despite his suspicions, and with their help, Elena lures the fire imp to her behind a waterfall. Though the fire imp becomes infuriated to discover he had been tricked, he is quickly captured and imprisoned back in his jar, and Verago pardons Cruz and Vestia, who then leave to continue their repentance to the other Jaquins. Elena and Skylar return the jar to Quita Moz, but as they are about to leave, Quita Moz receives a vision from the sacred fire, and reveals to Elena that her great test the fire foretold is still looming ahead of her. Elena is shocked to find that her defeat of Shuriki once and for all was not the test forewarned of, but is assured by Skylar that when that time comes for her to face that darkness, he will be there right by her side, making Elena feel much better that all her friends, family, and allies will be there when her ultimate test to become Queen of Avalor finally comes.

However, in "Naomi Knows Best", the final episode of Season 2, Elena has one last encounter with Victor and Carla and also meets Victor's wife and Carla's mother, the powerful malvago wizard Ash Delgado, as they prepare to become Elena's next big test to confront before she can become Queen. Elena is nearly killed by Ash when she uses the Jewel from the Scepter of Night that Victor and Carla salvaged previously to drain Elena's life force, but thanks to Naomi, Elena is spared, reunited with the mended Scepter of Light from the Sun Birds, Victor is taken into custody, and the Jewel from the Scepter of Night is destroyed, ensuring any chance of Shuriki returning no longer possible. However, Ash and Carla escape while swearing revenge, and Elena prepares to deal with them in the future when they return to get retribution for Victor's apprehension and incarceration.

As Season 3 begins in "Sister of Invention", Elena is attending Isabel's graduation from college. Afterwards, Isabel asks to join Elena in her hunt for Ash and Carla, but Elena is against it. When Isabel stows away in the carriage to still help, Elena is initially furious with her, but upon learning that Isabel deduced where the Delgado women are heading, she agrees to have Isabel stay with them. Only after Isabel's inventions save her life does Elena agree to have Isabel join the group, but still grounds her for disobeying her.

Elena later returns to learn that Quita Moz and the other Sun Birds have repaired the Scepter of Light in "To Save a Sunbird", but then learns that Hool used too much of her life force to dispel Shuriki's dark magic and is in danger of dying. Elena takes it upon herself to save Hool's life, and in the process, captures Carla when she tried to bust Victor out of prison while Ash was busy with gaining access to the means to defeat Elena in the future.

In "Father-in-Chief", Elena learns that Chief Zephyr has decided to appoint Migs as his successor after Cruz proved himself unworthy previously with his traitorous actions. However, when Mingo ends up making a mess of things during the ceremony, this results in Chief Zephyr being captured by Troyo. Feeling responsible for it because of his actions, Mingo tries to rescue him and is captured himself, but thanks to some Anoki Berries he had brought with him, this allows Elena, with support from Migs, Luna, Skylar, Zoom, and Estrella, to rescue Zephyr and Mingo, and turn Troyo into a butterfrog. Afterwards, Migs is officially named the new Chief of the Avalor Jaquin Clan, and Elena holds the party to celebrate Migs' new position.

Elena later decides to hold the Feast of Friendship in "The Incredible Shrinking Royals" for the rulers of the neighboring kingdoms, but Dona Paloma, jealous her ideas were not selected, collaborates with Esteban to invite King Hector to ruin it. In the end, because of Hector's actions, the rules are shrunk to the size of dolls, and as they are chased by a crayfish, Esteban and Paloma confess to their part in inviting Hector. Mateo manages to rescue them and return them to normal, but Elena holds a bitter grudge against Esteban and Paloma for their actions in the following episode, "Norberg Peace Prize", and Esteban tries to make up for it with providing a book King Raul had on diplomacy to help Elena mediate between Hector and Queen Abigail when Abigail angered Hector by damaging his ship and threatening to not send the Mulberries for the Norberg Family Day celebrations. Despite Hector still being a pain in the neck, Elena is able to mediate peace between Abigail and Hector, and Family Day continues as planned.

Carnaval rolls around again in "The Magic Within", but when Elena attempts to stop Ash from gaining more power via the Well of Crystals, filled with crystals sent to Avalor from the Mystic Isles back in Enchancia, and also the source of the Amulet of Avalor and Scepter of Light's magical abilities, Elena is knocked into the well herself and is supercharged by the crystals to where her magic is activated by her emotions, and her dress is magically enchanted to change colors based on her mood at the time. Though she captures Ash, Elena finally learns of Esteban's involvement with Shuriki's original takeover through one of the Scepter of Light's new powers, and furious at her cousin's treason with allying with her hated foe over 40 years ago that led to the death of her parents, she has Esteban stripped of his position as Chancellor of Avalor and imprisoned before a vote by the Grand Council results in Elena banishing Esteban from Avalor for his betrayal, with Luisa and Naomi siding with Elena while Francisco was willing to forgive him. Esteban ends up busting himself and the Delgados out of prison, but when Ash turns on Victor and petrifies him, Carla surrenders to Elena while Esteban escapes with Ash. After learning of what happened from Carla, Elena has the repentant Delgado daughter taken back to be imprisoned again with her petrified father while her family resumes celebrating the Carnaval. However, it is clear that with Ash and Esteban at large, Elena has to be ready when they return.

It is soon the Day of the Dead again in "Flower of Light", where Elena explains her ability to see the ghosts of the deceased on Dia de los Muertos to Isabel, before Elena reunites with Felicia, her childhood friend, and then learning of a spirit by the name of Guillermo trying to ruin the festivities. Pursuing him and a rouge chanul by the name of Sanza to the Spirit World with Felicia and Zuzo, Elena is relieved when Guillermo is nabbed by King Raul and Queen Lucia, but Felicia is duped by Sanza into using a special sand to close La Flor de Luz, the portal between the Human and Spirit Worlds opened by joy. However, Felicia reopens the portal by dancing, making everyone happy, and Sanza is apprehended. Afterwards, upon returning to Avalor, Elena erects an altar for Guillermo to make him happy and resumes the celebration of Dia de los Muertos.

In "Captain Mateo", Elena decides to replace Gabe as Captain of the Royal Guard with Mateo in order to be better able to fight Ash and Esteban, but following a confrontation with them in Tepet Muul at the Well of Crystals, Elena decides to reinstate Gabe as Captain with Mateo as his Lieutenant to better train the Royal Guards against magical attacks.

In "Sugar Rush", Elena is preparing with Isabel for a visit by King Joaquín and Princess Caterina when Luisa wants to reopen the family chocolate shop. As a result, when Luisa has to leave to get hazelnuts, Elena's anxiety causes her magic to get into the chocolate and causes trouble with the visiting royals. When Elena discovers that Luisa closed the shop because family was the reason she keeps it open, feeling remorseful, Elena and Isabel apologize to their grandmother and help her make chocolate that reverses the effects of Elena's magic and allow Elena to take a break from her royal duties with Luisa while Isabel and Caterina work on the Hydro-Gandola. During this time, Elena now is entrusted with Esteban's former duties as Chancellor since he had been terminated from his position after learning the truth of his involvement with Shuriki during her original takeover.

Later, Elena is confronted by Esteban again in "Dreamcatcher", still wanting to apologize for his betrayal with allying with Shuriki during her original takeover, but despite his pleas with wanting to set things right, Elena is still deeply hurt and upset, and finally drops the hammer on him, disowning him as her cousin and kicking him out of the Royal Family of Avalor. Unknown to Elena, this final move with disowning Esteban fully turns him to the dark side and join Ash with her plans for taking over Avalor herself.

Afterwards, following what happened with Esteban, Elena agrees with Gabe to bolster the Royal Guard with fresh recruits to deal with pirate problems in Avalor Harbor.

In "Spirit of a Wizard", Elena and Mateo contact Sofia in Enchancia and ask that she send The Lost Princess of Avalor back to them so Mateo can reunite with his grandfather. Sofia agrees to send the book back home to Avalor, but upon Elena and Mateo meeting up with Alacazar, they learn that the spell he used to become the book is wearing off, and when the book disintegrates, he'll die and ascend to the Spirit World. Mateo is able to save his grandfather, but Alacazar later sacrifices himself to protect Mateo from Ash and Esteban, allowing Elena and Mateo a chance to recover Elena's Scepter of Light from them, while the villains escape to plan their next move.

In "Team Isa", Elena ends up being entranced alongside Naomi, Gabe, and Mateo by a guitar-playing thief named Tito to rob the Royal Treasury, leaving it up to Isabel and her classmates to set up a plan that Isabel thinks of on her own, instead of one inspired by Elena, which results in Tito's guitar being broken, freeing Elena and the others, and Tito being captured. However, when Francisco and Luisa return, Francisco takes Tito's guitar to mend it, much to Elena and Isabel's horror.

In "The Last Laugh", Naomi runs into an old friend of hers, Veronica, whom she hasn't seen in six years, just after helping Elena deal with all the backed-up paperwork left over from when Esteban was Chancellor before he was removed from the position due to his treason. After Naomi departs with Veronica to dig up their old time capsule, they are soon joined by Elena and Mateo, where Mateo unintentionally releases Chatana, who then uses one of her Laughing Goblins to subdue Elena and Mateo, forcing Elena to have Skylar fetch Naomi for help. After Naomi arrives and frees them, Elena is furious with Naomi and goes after the Laughing Goblin herself, alone. However, it is only when Naomi returns that the goblin is captured and re-imprisoned. This causes Naomi to miss saying goodbye to Veronica, as her ship had already departed the harbor. Deciding to fulfill her dream, Naomi tells Elena she is resigning from the Grand Council. Elena, having forgiven Naomi and realizing her own error, accepts Naomi's decision and provides a ship for her to depart on to fulfill her dream, and Naomi leaves Avalor to see where the wind and sea will take her.

In "Festival of Lights", Elena helps rescue the royal family of the Kingdom of Galonia after their ship is damaged and forced to be abandoned. When the rescued royals explain they were on their way home to celebrate Hanukkah, Elena and her family agree to help them celebrate it in Avalor until they have a means to return home. This allows Elena and her family to learn about Hanukkah and celebrate it with the Galonia Royal Family so they can celebrate it in the future with Navidad.

Naomi later returns from her journey across the sea to warn Elena of Ash and Esteban's new plan against her in "Giant Steps" by recruiting powerful villains to their group, such as Chatana and Tziloco. Thanks to Naomi's warning, Elena attempts to stop Ash when Luna arrives to reveal that Ash's group is in Vallaestrella. When they arrive, they are confronted by Kizin. Elena attempts a trap to capture Kizin, but Naomi's intent to go after Tziloco ruins the trap and causes Elena to break her arm. When Naomi explains that she went after Tziloco for the reward money and couldn't ask Elena after she gave her the ship before, Elena scolds her for putting her own needs above that of Avalor when Elena needed her most. Guilt-ridden, Naomi apologizes, and working with Mateo, Gabe, and the Jaquins, they manage to capture Kizin. Upon returning to Avalor, Naomi decides to stay, and Elena welcomes her back.

However, the damage Elena suffered to her arm from dealing with Kizin due to Naomi's good intentions when she returned to Avalor before she apologized would take some time to heal, leaving her somewhat incapacitated until then. This doesn't stop her from helping Isabel and Tomiko in "Shooting Stars" with repairing the observatory telescope so Francisco can see a rare comet, despite some setbacks and Elena learning of a new power in her emotions with when she suffers self-doubt while helping Isabel and Tomiko due to her injured state and nearly ruins their hard work repairing the telescope when she gets in trouble herself and needs them to get her out of it.

In "Crash Course", after being told of an idea Gabe had thought of that it might be best to train the best of the Royal Guards to use magic so they are better prepared to fight against Ash, Esteban, and their group in the future, Elena has Mateo assist Gabe in training them, but when it is discovered that Mateo has no spare tamberitias to give the Guardsmen due to them all being destroyed previously, Elena, joined by Naomi and Dona Paloma, head to retrieve the necessary part Mateo needs to make more. Once they find it, Dona Paloma tries to take the entire bush, but triggers a storm in the process. After she confesses to wanting to be named the new Chancellor of Avalor after Esteban was stripped of the position and disowned by Elena when Elena learned of his original alliance with Shuriki, she works with Elena and Naomi to replant the bush to quell the storm, before Naomi recovers a branch, and they head back to Avalor, arriving just after Mateo helped the Royal Guards and Gabe fix a mistake they had made before Elena could see it.

In "Sweethearts Day", Elena helps Armando with trying to win the heart of his crush, Marlena, but his singing is terrible. When an attempt to help him sing better magically backfires and causes everyone else to sing nonstop, Armando and Mateo work together to break the spell, as the counter-potion Mateo whips up only works when Armando sings from his heart, which he does successfully. As a result, Marlena asks Armando to be her sweetheart for the celebration and he accepts.

Later on, in "The Lightning Warrior", Elena is able to have Victor restored to flesh and blood, before telling Victor and Carla that she needs their help on a task that requires a Malvago to complete it. If they help, she will pardon them from all their crimes they committed when they were allied with Ash and Shuriki. Thanks to their help, Elena succeeds in gaining a powerful ally in Ixlan the Lightning Warrior, an ancient Maruvian warrior that Quita Moz had held on to the gloves of that provided her powers, but not without being given a harsh scolding from Carla due to her initial distrust of her and Victor until being reminded by Naomi of Quita Moz's sagely advice about trust that she refused to heed earlier, and Victor and Carla are pardoned and turned into good wizards, having disowned Ash for her earlier betrayal as Victor's wife and Carla's mother respectively, and join Elena, who's arm injury has also fully healed, to stop Ash and Esteban.

Elena later asks for her late mother Lucia's help when Luisa begins to have doubts about her parenting skills as a grandmother and matriarch of the family.

After that, during "Heart of the Jaguar", Elena and Isabel are summoned to see Quita Moz in Vallaestrella, where he tells Elena her test to become Queen has arrived. However, he was shown a vision of Isabel on the throne, indicating a bad omen regarding Elena if she doesn't survive her test to become Queen. When Isabel voices her concern about the vision, Quita Moz sends the Royal Sisters to locate the Heart of the Jaguar to help Isabel out. When they are navigating the maze to find the Crown Jewel that they need to trade for the Heart, Elena falls victim to one of the traps and is turned into a baby Jaquin. This works out for Isabel with recovering the Crown Jewel, but upon presenting it to the Jaguar King, he refuses to trade it to turn Elena back, and traps Isabel in her Exergroomer. When Isabel escapes with the support of her school hamsters, Peaches and Paco, and then stands up the Jaguar King and demands he return her big sister to normal, impressed with her courage, he accepts the trade, returns Elena to normal, and the sisters return to Quita Moz, who reveals that the Heart of the Jaguar was inside Isabel all along. She just needed to believe in herself to find her inner courage, so she'll be able defend Avalor if Elena is unable to.

In "Coronation Day", the time has come for Elena's coronation as Queen of Avalor to succeed her parents as ruling sovereign, but Esteban and Ash make their move to take over Avalor by unleashing the Four Shades of Awesome against it, luring Elena to Nueva Vista and Coronado to protect the Sirenas and humans there from their team of magical allies. Elena's attempts to stop them while supported by Naomi, and Marisa on behalf of the Sirenas, cause her and Ash to end up in the Spirit World, where Elena, joined by Raul, Lucia, and Zuzo, faces Ash and her allies, including Orizaba, in an Olaball game overseen by the Grand Macaw, with many spirits watching it, including Shuriki and Alacazar. During the match, Elena is unable to focus due to her own anger regarding Esteban's treason causing her to make rash decisions, and her parents call a timeout to confront her on her anger, explaining that when Shuriki originally attacked Avalor, it was in revenge from being denied attacking Avalor's allies by Raul. As a result, when Shuriki turned her attention to Avalor, Esteban had tried to warn Raul, but he wouldn't listen, and thus Esteban sided with Shuriki, but never expected her to betray him and kill Raul and Lucia to ensure they would not stop her from attacking their allies again once Avalor was under her iron fist.

Convinced that anger and revenge is not the answer after learning what happened when Raul dealt with Shuriki during her attack on Avalor's allies before going after Avalor itself, seeking vengeance won't bring them back from the dead, and her parents already forgave Esteban for what happened, Elena thanks her parents before resuming the match. In the end, Ash wins, only to learn she will stay trapped in the Spirit World indefinitely while Elena is returned to Avalor, as Elena had figured out the meaning to the Grand Macaw's earlier words before the match started, especially after the pep talk with her parents, and lost on purpose. Learning from Quita Moz, King Verago, and the other residents of Vallaestrella of the Four Shades attacking Avalor, Elena heads back to defend her kingdom. Isabel, as heir to the throne, was able to take down one herself in Hetz with all of Elena's allies supporting her by turning Hetz's lightning powers back on him, but was overwhelmed by the other three. Once Elena returns, two more of the Shades are sent back to the Spirit World in Yolo and Vuli, but the last one, Cahu the Time Shade, proves to be the most powerful of them, catching Gabe and Mateo by surprise with turning them to stone, before going after Elena after she instructs Naomi to take Isabel and flee until Cahu is dealt with. When she tries to turn Elena to stone like all her other victims, including Francisco, Luisa, Gabe, Mateo, and Armando, Esteban, despite the bad blood between him and Elena over being disowned by her for betraying their family and allying with Shuriki during her original takeover and knowing Elena still hates him for it, sacrifices himself to take the attack for her, with his last words being a heartfelt apology to Elena for all his transgressions against her before he turns to stone completely. Heartbroken and devastated over Esteban's sacrifice despite her hatred against him, especially after taking the advice she was given by her parents while in the Spirit World to heart, Elena tearfully tells his petrified body that she forgives him. This causes her magic to activate and restore Esteban to flesh and blood. Overjoyed by his revival, Elena joins her cousin as they use their combined magic to destroy Cahu's hourglass, stripping her of her powers, and banish her back to the Spirit World with the other Shades. With all four of them back in the Spirit World, their actions against Avalor are undone by Elena's magic that was awoken when she forgave Esteban, everything is returned to normal, and Quita Moz soon arrives to tell Elena that her test he forewarned her of was not saving Avalor from the Four Shades of Awesome, but forgiving Esteban for his crimes, which she has now passed, thus making her able to become Queen.

Some time later, Elena enters the throne room to be crowned Queen of Avalor with her family, friends, allies, and citizens all in attendance, with Mingo, Zoom, and Estrella holding the train of her cape she's wearing for the coronation alongside her coronation gown. Just as her grandfather is about to crown her, a fanfare interrupts as it announces one last group of guests that arrived for Elena's coronation. To Elena's joy and happiness, it is the very people who helped her reclaim the Avalor throne from Shuriki several years ago: The Royal Family of Enchancia. Sofia, Amber, and James have grown considerably since Elena last saw them several years ago, and with them attending her coronation alongside their parents King Roland II and Queen Miranda, Elena is crowned Queen of Avalor. Naming Naomi her new Chancellor with Esteban and Dona Paloma's support and blessing, Gabe the new General of the Royal Guard, Mateo the Master Wizard, and Isabel both Crown Princess and Royal Inventor, Elena celebrates her first dance as Queen, even sharing a dance with Sofia as thanks for having helped Elena get where she is several years ago with freeing her from the Amulet and taking back Avalor from Shuriki. A bright new future has begun for Avalor under Queen Elena.

Disney Parks

Elena made her debut at Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom on August 11, 2016.


Princess Elena of Avalor singing "My Time" live at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Magical abilities

After being trapped in The Amulet of Avalor for 41 years, she took some of its magic with her. After falling into the crystal well of Takaina, Elena’s magical abilities were significantly enhanced.

Spirit seeing

Elena can see and summon spirits. Even though they are animals like Zuzo. She can even communicate with them. This also carries over to non-magical entities, such as the spirits of deceased humans, though this ability is only possible on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Scepter of Light

Elena has an ability to control the Scepter of light through her magic. By saying a single word. For example, if Elena says "blaze," the Scepter will fire a beam and damage whatever it hits.

Originally, using the scepter drained Elena's energy and caused her to become exhausted, but after falling into the crystal well, she can use the scepter more freely.

Emotion Magic

After falling into the crystal well, Elena's magic became connected to her emotions; whenever she feels strong emotions, it causes her magic to go out of control, resulting in unpredictable magic to be unleashed.

The emotions she feels also causes her dress to change color:

  • Orange (anger) - this emotion involves magically throwing and levitating nearby objects and people; it can also bring inanimate objects to life, which are caused to behave destructively.
  • Yellow (happiness) - this emotion has abilities such as producing light and inducing happiness in others, suchas making them want to dance along with Elena (such as Isabel involuntarily dancing after a joyful Elena passes by her); this also brought Flo to life with a giddy personality.
  • Blue (sadness) - this emotion is known to cause rainstorms and others to cry when Elena cries as well.
  • Teal (calm) - this emotion can reverse things to normal if Elena's magic from a previous emotion has made them act irregularly.
  • Pink (love) - this emotion has powers relating to plants and calming people down.
  • Gray (self-doubt) - this emotion has been shown to cause the walls of whatever room Elena is in to close in.
  • Purple (anxiousness) - this emotion causes objects to spin and roll out of control.
  • White (forgiveness) - this emotion is strong enough to undo all of the damage done by the Four Shades of Awesome/Shadows of the Night. Of all Elena's emotions, forgiveness is the most powerful.


  • Elena is Disney's first Latin-inspired princess.
  • Elena is Disney's second oldest princess, as she is chronologically fourty-one years older than how she appears physically due to being imprisoned in the Amulet of Avalor for forty-one years. The first would be Kida, who is over eight thousand years old, and the third being Elena's sister Princess Isabel.
  • Elena and Zita Flores share the same last name. It means "flowers" in Spanish.
  • Elena's voice actress Aimee Carrero is known for Young & Hungry, and her character shares the same first name with Princess Sofia, coincidentally.
  • Elena is about six years older then her sister, Isabel.
  • In "First Day of Rule", it is revealed that Elena had been trapped inside the Amulet of Avalor for forty-one years.[2]
    • It has been assumed by Zuzo that during her long imprisonment, Elena had absorbed some of the amulet's magic, giving her magical abilities such as being able to see Zuzo without the assistance of a wizard.
  • The flower that Elena wears in her hair is an Apricot Mallow, which grows in Sonora and Baja California in Northwest Mexico.[3]
  • In Latin America, "Princesa Elena" is the name given to Princess Eilonwy.
  • Elena means "shining light," or "bright one."
  • At the start of the series, Elena was sixteen years old. She turns twenty years old in the series finale "Coronation Day."


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