Rafa is a character who appears in the animated series, Elena of Avalor. She is Mateo's mother.


In Spellbound, she was part of the people in the throne room who got cursed by Fiero by turning her and the others into statues. She and the others were free after her son Mateo defeated Fiero and reversed the spell.

In Navidad, she was one of the people to invite Elena to their Noche Buena party. Elena decided to attend all of them by having the party at Castillo Park. She was also one of those who thought it was a competition because of Dona Paloma, who lied about it so that she could get more money. After this, Elena sang a paranda. She apologized and celebrated Noche Buena with the rest of Avalor.

Elena and the Secret of Avalor

She first appears when she greets Sofia, who had arrived at Alacazar's house via Skylar and his fellow Jaquins. Sofia questions her about Alacazar and his magic, but Rafa claims that Sofia will not find what she is looking for there. She then closes the gate, which is when Mateo lets Sofia into the room where he keeps Alacazar's old magical stuff to help her after learning of her plight and seeing the Amulet of Avalor. After Elena tries to defeat Shuriki and failed, resulting in Sofia's family being captured and put in the dungeon, they retreat back to Mateo's house to regroup. Seeing Elena and realizing Sofia was telling her the truth earlier with looking for Alacazar, Rafa gave Mateo the spell to free Isabel, Luisa, and Francisco as she knew the spell herself, and due to the fact that she knows her son practices magic, even though Mateo dosen't know about it, showing that she did study up on some of her father's old spells after he disappeared.

Elena of Avalor

Rafa is seen sporadically throughout the series. She is in attendance when Mateo is made official Royal Wizard to Elena, only to later be petrified by Alacazar's old arch-enemy Fiero. However, Mateo is able to defeat Fiero and restore Rafa and everyone else back to normal before Fiero's spell became permanent.

She later attends the Navidad celebrations held in Avalor City by Elena, and spends them with Mateo and Elena's family.

Later on, in "Movin' On Up", Rafa learns that Mateo is moving from their home into his own quarters in the Avalor Royal Palace per Elena's request. Believing that she can come as well, Rafa joins Mateo, but soon begins to cause all sorts of problems around the palace for Mateo and Elena's family, especially Esteban. When a creature from the Codex Maru is accidentally unleashed in the palace, Mateo erects a shield to keep it from escaping, but when Rafa tries to help, she accidentally removes the shield before Mateo is able to stand up to her and get her to hand over his tamberitia, allowing him to capture the creature before it could escape into Avalor City. Seeing how grown up Mateo has become, Rafa apologizes for her behavior, and agrees to allow Mateo to live on his own in the palace from that point onward. However, Mateo is able to duplicate a photograph of himself and Rafa when he was younger so both him and Rafa each have one to remember the other by when she returns home to their house. With that settled, Mateo and Elena see off Rafa as she is taken home by carriage.


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